Founded in January 2002 Studio Euclide is headquartered in Italy, was born from a simple idea: to create something alternative, without necessarily change or astonish, in a branch where, we can say, there is nothing (or nearly) to invent. But in a world where we are not so far from taking a survey with getting more and more miniaturized tools, where a simple connection to internet can help capture important cartographical data, where a contract with the Space Agency permits to receive satellite surveys of big areas without moving from its own office, Territorial Engineering Services have to adapt, grow, change harmoniously together with all what have been its natural interfaces.

The idea that created this new Company started from this consciousness, and also from the willingness to provide a service that attains 100% to the European quality standard.

Studio Euclide gathers twenty-year experience in Italy and abroad of Marco Campi - its owner - in Geodesy, Territorial Analysis, and industrial constructions and of a versatile, professional young group of well-prepared technicians. Thanks to the various and different experiences in engineering service related to the design of technological networks branch, this group can realize technical economic feasibility studies, general and peculiar projects, surveys and environmental reports and all what could be necessary to realize industrial plants in the energetic branch: electric power lines, oil pipe-line, gas pipe-lines and also all the primary services such as: town-planning (streets, water main supplies, sewers) and all what concerns the civil, mechanical and basic electric projecting.

Studio Euclide owner is Marco Campi, born in 1959 and freelancer from 1984. His experience has started in 1980, as site's assistant in Iraq during the building of the 220MW 6 units plant, projected by G.I.E. Group - Ansaldo.
Then for the following years he developed his knowledge by working as technical consultant in some of the biggest Italian Company such as SNAM, SAIPEM, ABB, EDISON, SOPREFIN, etc. and his duties were as topographer and technical office assistant, and acting always in important international sites, in Italy and abroad, mainly in Middle East and African Magreb.

After the period of site's work (absolutely fundamental to have a proper technical background) he has been involved in a great quantity of project, very different in contents and problems, working as chief topographer and town-planner and in the latest years concentrating on the development of environmental impact studies, territorial analysis, main and peculiar oil electric power lines projects, gas pipe-lines and energy production's plants.

Studio Euclide is not a huge Engineering Company or a Multinational Company but every single work is scrupulously taken into consideration and analysed under any specific point of view and detail to front every single unexpected event. Logistics, methodology's study and time management are concepts scientifically applied. This is the reason why Studio Euclide can manage relevant and important projects.
This can be possible due to the fact Studio Euclide collaborates also with external qualified and high professional collaborators that create the force to realize a complete project: from base topography to the issue of "as-built" documents.